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WealthSpring Team Annual Retreat

To continue strengthening WealthSpring's distinguished business culture, based on the trust and professionalism of its members, the company's annual retreat was held on November 3, 4, and 5 in the town of Hancock, Delaware County. It was undoubtedly a meeting full of beautiful surprises and necessary to refresh ideas, reflect on the work at WealthSpring and continue uniting the wonderful team.

The activities started on Friday the 3rd. After an exquisite dinner prepared by Felipe and Julie to receive the WealthSpring team, at 8:00 PM, the first activity took place, which consisted of a team integration exercise and welcome to the new members (Daliana Guerrero and Yaritza Castro) who have become the Bookkeeping team.

Saturday was the most intense day, starting early with a walk at 8 AM. Then, training activities were carried out in customer service and strategies to improve our work processes, and Felipe spoke about the company's mission and vision: We Empower People trough Financial Knowledge to build sustainable lives for generations. All members participated with their opinions because if something characterizes WealthSpring, all its members' participation and opinions are always sought and respected.

But it wasn't all work; the food was very well appreciated by everyone, not only for its abundance but also for its excellent quality (it should be remembered that some WealthSpring members were with their families who supported the kitchen). The walks through the forest and surrounding areas were also beautiful moments of sharing among the members and with nature. Many thanks to all members of the WealthSpring family!

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