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Business growth can be measured in many ways. But undoubtedly, the knowledge and analysis of financial information is the primary tool through which the entrepreneur knows and controls everything related to the accounting of his business and, with it, his destiny. That is why the WealthSpring Services team has created an interesting monthly training program specially designed to support our clients' development on financial management issues of their companies. The workshops will be given in English and Spanish by Felipe Wityk-Sanchez (English) and Ricardo Murillo (Spanish) on the third Friday of each month, starting in July. Each of these sessions seeks to empower business owners in the financial analysis of their company's accounting reports and provide them with the tools to access loans and the different alternatives offered in New York.

What courses will be given?

Each course will last one hour, and its design is intended for business owners, so, according to Felipe Wityk-Sánchez, "we will provide the necessary information for those who must make decisions and know how to analyze it." The program begins on Friday, JULY 21, with the workshop "Bankable for a Loan" at 10 AM in Spanish and 1 PM in English. Then they will continue with the following workshops:

August 18. How to create metrics and their analysis.

Metrics are measurement systems that quantify and evaluate aspects of a business, for example, trends, behaviors, and results. A good metrics analysis will show you if the strategies are contributing or not to the results of a company.

October 20. Forms of financing for your business.

Banks are just one financing alternative. In New York State, different ways will help you finance your project. With this course, you will learn how to access them.

November 17. Importance of the budget forecast

The budget is crucial work for the decision-making of the owner of a company. It prepares you to face possible changes that may arise over time. This course will help you understand the importance of budgeting and how to do it.

December 15. How to read and analyze accounting information.

Accounting promotes a correct and efficient administration of your business; it shows the company's financial and economic state over time. Therefore, every business owner must know how to read this information, allowing him to make strategic decisions with greater security.


Felipe Wityk-Sánchez

Received a B.S. in Industrial Engineering from the University of New Haven before moving to New York. He has been an accountant and bookkeeper for various non-profit and for-profit organizations and a tax preparer for small businesses and individuals for 15 years. He is an instructor through NYC Small Business Services and teaches classes in QuickBooks, small business start-ups, business planning, and small business financing. He also advises small business owners on financial matters and business planning.

Ricardo Murillo

Earned a master's degree in business administration and a bachelor's degree in public accounting from the University of Guayaquil. He also holds a diploma in quality and productivity from the Universidad de Guadalajara.

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