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Learn about artificial intelligence tools for entrepreneursmost famous of this 2023

One is about which artificial intelligence tools are most popular to support business management. The most used are those related to customer service, where (AI) helps improve the user experience.
Artificial technology allows you to compete with large corporations at a low cost.

Artificial Intelligence technology is becoming increasingly popular among small business owners because it can automate mundane tasks and improve productivity at a low cost. This technology has allowed it to compete with corporations by offering the same efficiency level. Chatbots that allow you to handle customer inquiries, orders, and complaints; Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools that can track customer interactions, manage leads, and optimize sales processes and other predictive analytics that help small business owners make informed decisions based on trends and patterns of data, are some of the tools that millions of small entrepreneurs are currently beginning to use to compete in a technological world.

New AI tools are emerging so fast that trying to keep track of them all, let alone learning how to use each, will make your head spin. We wanted to help you by choosing the most popular ones. Let's go to the list:

1. Chat GPT

ChatGPT— GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer—uses natural language processing to generate responses to prompts (questions/instructions) of many types.

It’s being used in myriad ways by business owners, including to create email and website copy, code websites or apps, automate marketing and social media tasks, analyze customer data and more.

In fact, ChatGPT may be the AI engine behind some of the other AI tools your business uses. Businesses on a budget can use the free plan, but you’ll likely experience faster response times on the paid plan.

Pricing: Free and paid plan ($20/month) available.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Fast responses, able to multitask, and scalable.

  • Highly customizable; businesses can train ChatGPT on information specific to their business needs.

  • Extensive functionality can handle a wide variety of business tasks with training.

2. Tidio

Use Tidio to add a chatbot to your website. Answer customer questions, make product recommendations and offer custom discounts. Great for repetitive questions, it can help your customer service team reduce its workload while providing solid customer support.

Pricing: Free plan for limited number of responses, then plans start at $15.83/month for basic plans to $329/month for full feature set.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Livechat, chatbots, canned and offline responses in multiple languages. Surveys and ticketing are also available.

  • Centralize and handle messaging from multiple channels including email and Instagram.

  • Multiple integrations including Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Google Analytics, Hubspot, Zapier, and Drupal.

3. Searchie

If you’ve created a lot of content housed in various places—think articles, podcasts, YouTube videos, Facebook Lives, Zoom videos and more—Searchie can help you organize and share it with your prospects or customers, or turn it into a paid membership or course. Multiple AI tools can help streamline the process or turn longer content into promotional snippets.

Pricing: Plans start at $29/month for basic, $99/month for pro and $199/month for business.

Core Features and Benefits.

  • Upload content from multiple sources into Searchie and make it completely searchable for users. Use AI to create transcripts for video and audio content.

  • Drag and drop builder for creating public or paid courses, and take advantage of the Canva integration to create the look you want.

  • Use Searchie AI, which leverages OpenAI to generate headlines, takeaways, descriptions, etc., for audio and video uploaded to Searchie.

  • Use WisdomAI by Searchie to transform your content into conversational responses.

4. Fireflies

Invite to your next meeting, and this AI assistant will record, transcribe and analyze conversations. Use it to automate meeting note taking, generate follow up actions, draft reports and more. It can also be used to transcribe and generate captions for podcasts, videos and more.

Pricing: Free plan offers limited use. The Pro Plan is $10/seat per month (annual billing), the Business Plan is $19 per seat/month and custom pricing is available.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Transcribe video and audio calls and content quickly and efficiently.

  • Use AI Super Summaries to capture key meeting points without having to read entire transcript.

  • Use analytics tools to evaluate speaker talk-time, detect key topics and tasks and more.

  • Integrations include Zoom, Google Meet, Teams Webex, Ringcentral,and more.

5. Pictory

If you know you should be using more video in your business, whether it’s on your website or social media, Pictory can help by turning your long-form video, audio or written content into short, shareable videos. Turn scripts into video sales letters, for example, or create videos from blog posts. And you don’t need any video editing skills to use it.

Pricing: Free trial allows you to create three videos, no credit card required. Standard Plan is $19/user /month, Premium Plan is $39/user/month and enterprise pricing is available.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Automatically extract short shareable videos from longer form video.

  • Turn written content into video.

  • Edit video using text and remove filler words and silence.

  • Add captions or transcribe video automatically.

  • Narration using your voice or AI.

6. Zapier OpenAL Integrations

OpenAI is the company behind ChatGPT and image generator DALL-E. While there is a lot you can do with either of those programs, there can be a steep learning curve. Zapier can help you automate tasks by connecting with these two AI platforms. Automate tasks, product development and more.

One example: Create email copy from OpenAI from new Gmail emails and save as drafts in Gmail: When you get a new customer email, create different email responses with OpenAI and save them automatically as Gmail drafts. Send faster, better email responses.

Pricing: Free forever for basic level. The Starter Plan is $19.99/month (billed annually), the Professional Plan is $49.99/month, and higher plans are available.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Connect OpenAI to more than 5000 apps, including virtually all popular business apps.

  • Choose from hundreds of zaps (workflows that connect your apps to automate repetitive tasks) or create your own.

  • No-code editor makes it accessible.

7. Legalese Decoder

As a business owner, you’re probably going to sign a lot of contracts, whether it’s a subscription for software, contracts with service professionals, or small business loan agreements. And while it’s important to read the fine print, and consult an attorney to protect your interests, there are times when you will first just want to understand what you’re being asked to sign. While it’s not a substitute for legal advice, Legalese Decoder can help you understand key contract terms .

Pricing: Free version for up to 150 words/500 characters max. Pro is $49.95 with a free 7-day trial.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Get a plain language version of a legal document.

  • “Translate” contracts and agreements including documents related to raising capital and investment.

8. Timely

As an entrepreneur, you know it’s essential to focus on activities with the highest ROI. Timely works automatically behind the scenes to track the time you spend on various activities, no manual time tracking needed. Use drag and drop tools to create a timesheet if you need one. If you bill clients, you can also use it to track billable time. And you can use it to track employee or team time.

Pricing: Starter plan is $9/user/month (billed annually), Premium is $16/user/month, and Unlimited is $22/user/month. Add Tasks (track against deliverables) for $5/person.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Automatic, yet 100% private. Choose what to share.

  • Track projects, track teams, track plans.

  • Bill accurately, down to the minute if you choose.

9. Looka.

Part of the fun of a business startup is coming up with a name, logo and brand image. Looka offers easy-to-use AI powered tools to help you create a high-quality brand identity. Create a logo and, if you choose, a complete brand kit, including social media cover photos, business card designs, advertisements, business proposals, invoices, and more.

Pricing: Create a logo and only pay for it if you want to use it. The Basic Logo Package is currently $20 and the Premium Logo Package is $65. Brand Kit Subscription is $95/year or the Brand Kit + AI generated website is $165/year.

Core Features and Benefits:

  • Generate hundreds of logos to choose from.

  • Create a brand kit to create a consistent brand image.

  • 300+ templates tailored to different industries.

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